Rating Feedback for Dr. Toriumi (1473118)

The rating:
'It took me a few rhinoplasties to fix the nose Dr Toriumi had left me with. He overgrafted my nose and instead of fixing the flaws, he attempted to camouflage them actually making them worse. I was left with an objectively deformed nose that completely disfigured my face. His approach is to pad everything with grafts and not to fix the underlying structure of the nose. Dr Toriumi prefers quantity over quality. He does at least two surgeries a day, 5 days a week. He uses the same approach on everyone, regardless. His pictures looks really, really good, but are very deceiving. He has a professional photographer in his office that takes pictures under certain lights, at certain angles, and the noses look really good. In reality, they don't even remotely look like that. He lets his residents perform part of the surgery. The surgery center where he operates (in the same building) is absolutely the worst. They resort to all kinds of stratagems to take more money out of you.'
I totally agree with you. He did the same thing to my nose. My nose lost all its natural definition and my columnella has completely disappeared. Not to mention that its bigger and more masculine looking. I look like a cave man and I am a woman with beautiful eyes lips and skin... my nose looked much better before he touched my nose. I needed very little done, instead he transformed my nose into something else.