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'Those speaking out against Taras: you are NOT alone. At first I too thought he was the right doctor for me. However, after receiving bills for tests done without my consent, I confronted him. The response I got was unhelpful and unprofessional. He hides behind condescending and irrelevant responses and refuses to admit any wrong doing. It's a shame that he has duped so many people. I myself was charged for two pregnancy tests I wasn't informed about, and his answer was essentially that he is the doctor and can do whatever he deems necessary without involving the patient. He also attempted to charge my insurance an "online consultation" fee because of a few e-mail exchanges, despite the fact he actively encourages everyone to e-mail him and never gave any indication of charges that might be incurred. There are better practitioners out there, don't settle for this one.'
There is a reason that in the Olympics they throw out the high and low judge scores and this is an example of why. It removes corruption of the score and allows you to look for the true representative pattern. I hope that my other patients will more adequately convey the pattern of TLC (a Tradition of Listening and Caring) that you will receive at DrTaras.com. Due to privacy regulations I will not discuss this patient's issues but wish her the best in her quest to find good health and happiness. Cheers, IT Eye-wink
It's easy to form opinions. It's more difficult to be well-informed.

....and it's easy to look

....and it's easy to look down on patients. Being paid to do so makes it so much easier.

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