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'This was my first experience w/cosmetic surgery (breast implants/lift=$9000) and dr was awful at being understanding and comprehensive. I go to a dr to listen to his expert opinion on an area I dont know anything about. He basically asked how big do you want to be? and that's it. I fitted implants over my own, there was no kind of digital image that he could show me (doesnt have the tech I think) how I would look like, I kind of had to figure that out for myself. My implants then became encapsulated, charged me $2500 to remove scarring tissue; not the end, now he opened pocket too much and implant has sunk down, past my own breast, clearly his fault. Now I need another cut/scar b/c he has to repair pocket, and even then, says he cant guarantee it'll be fixed. Oh, and another $650 in "hospital fees". Extremely disapoointed w/staff, dr's expertise,and overall procedure, as "lift" settled lower than I wanted it to. WILL NEVER RECOMMEND OR USE THIS DOCTOR AGAIN'
Think I read your review on another website where you went into more detail about his "correction" procedure, would like to discuss this with you further...finding myself in a similiar postion and am not sure what to do!

Sorry you had to go through

Sorry you had to go through this. I think the comments on here are mostly from the office staff. It's sad. Arrogant and expensive. At least fix for free!

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