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The rating:
'My 70-year old mother suffers from a number of ailments so we chose Dr. Stoney to help her severe arthritis pain. After easily scheduling an appointment, we were asked to pay $300 upfront (her insurance carrier does not cover pain management); we were both shocked by the fact that this payment was demanded in CASH only â?? very suspicious. He quickly asked about her medical history & spent 20 minutes on this first consultation. He wrote a prescription for some creams and said, â??See you in a month.â?? When I tried to inquire about his assessment for long-term treatment, he said something like, well the clock is ticking & time is money. For a patient who suffers incredibly, his manner was far from compassionate. Not only is he arrogant, he simply did not listen to this patient. It seems he prefers hearing himself speak. I wanted to find some competent, real help for my dear mother, but instead, walked out of Dr. Stoneyâ??s office feeling robbed, cheated & most of all, treated inhumanely.'
If a patient feels such hatred towards the physician, it would be prudent to bring your questions or concerns to the physician rather than rant on an internet site. Talking to your physician is important, ranting on an internet site does not help you.