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'This site is monitored by someone at her office. I posted a comment on this page before then 2 weeks later when I checked it was gone. I posted again and 1 week later when I checked it was missing. I have seen this happen before with other negative postings. I find it strange how the negative comments just disappear? Coincidence...I think NOT. I could go on and on about reasons why I wouldn't recommend her to anyone. Here is just a few of the reasons why: She is never on time, she never apologizes for her tardiness, she rushes you, she is fake, she doesn't remember you or your last visits, her staff is constantly changing, staff frequently makes mistakes, lack of privacy when talking to the staff because waiting room is so small, etc. etc. etc. Btw- to the person who never waits to see Dr.Nasseri I don't believe that. I have waited 45-75 minutes! Never less than that. I think you are monitoring and posting dishonest comments.'
right on! whoever you are, it is very refreshing to see the truth.It is a comfort to me to know that im not the only one. I too have been treated like a worthless piece of dirt that is interfering in the day of this "womens health" expert. I can't for the life of me find a decent doctor. My daily prayer is that i could just be healthy and no longer require the services of these horrible, heartless people they call doctors. Anyone who thinks she "cares" and is kind and compassionate isnt a very good judge of people. Her friendliness is fake. One thing i have noticed is that her negative reviews are well-written, and the positive ones are filled with dumb mistakes. This hilarious fact either means that her devotees are dumb, or they are fake glowing reviews with deliberate mistakes to make it look like a lay-person wrote them. This tells you how she sees her patients: as idiots! Of course, there's one more possibility: that the good reviews are fake, but all the typos ARENT deliberate!