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'I took my 5 year old to Dr. Winer. My son has constant sinus issues, is often on anitibiotics, has ear tubes, tonsils and adnoids removed. He made us wait 40 minutes past our appointment. Once we went into his messy "office" he TOLD me I need to stop vaccinating my son, and that I have already injured him by doing so. He "threw" a ton of papers at me outlining the horrors of vaccine. He looked at my son and said he needs to be off all dairy, this without testing him. Then he did his test and used his employee to "channel" my son's energy by pushing his employee's hand down as my son held some viles. He then told me that I am not an informed person, told me ALL ABOUT how he's been a vegetarian for 41 years (although he is not a healthy looking specimen) told me that I should listen to him on the radio. He asked nothing about my son, did nothing to examine him and only said he needs to be off dairy. He established no rapport with my son, infact was rude to us both!'
Sounds like his radio show. He gets in his plug about vaccines (which is wrong by the way - mercury hasn't been in vaccines in years and all that other stuff is misleading the way he puts it.), he gets in his anti-dairy, his quacky "test". Did he happen to mention not using antibiotics or anti-inflammatories? He is rude on the radio too and talks all about being a healthy (but overweight) vegetarian. We went to him once and were told it would be $45 for my wife and I each for a total of $90, as we were leaving he handed us a bill for $300. Apparently my lower back pain was the result of magnesium deficiency and not enough chirpractic adjustments (which didn;t help at all while I was there)....incidentally 2 years later and my back is fine - I just started running and it loosened up. But yeah, he is kind of fun to listen to though...my brother and I crack up.