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'I agree with the other review that Braccia is a bit clueless and quite befuddled. Main concern seems to be to keep his infusion room busy. I find it a bit unethical for a doctor to run his own infusion business. There is an implied ethical issue. Protocal is comprehensive, but too short. This is the only doctor that I know of who believes in delayed healing. He takes you off the meds while you're still sick and tells you won't start to feel better until several months after treatment. This method has been discredited by most LLMD's who say treat until all symptoms are gone for 2 months. His protocal is very, very rigid and always involves IV ABX. He inserts the PICC line himself. Pretty much wasted a gob of money and time. Not sure why, but many Lyme doctors employ their wives. Braccia is no exception and at first she seems very nice, but she's a ****.'
is his wife Kim? If so I agree. She was so unprofessional to me. He was nice, but I still dont know what the plan is after our long appointment.

We don't own an infusion

We don't own an infusion business. The reason why we have infusions in our office is to medically monitor patients' treatments on a daily basis. It seems like you came in on a really busy day. Most of the time of our office is relaxed. Our protocol times have gotten longer based on individual medical needs since 2010.

Originally, we had a strong belief that once you stopped IV therapy, there would be delayed healing. Over the last year, as soon as patients are finished with an IV routine, patients go into an oral detox program to remove the remaining bacteria as the IVs are continuing to work. This is an evolving field and Dr. Braccia is staying on the forefront of treatments of Lyme and co-infections.

We don't always agree with every other LLMD doctor. The majority of our patient base is on oral PBX, not IV. IV is used at last resort.

I wish you the best of luck with your treatments. Please call us if you need any assistance from our office.

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