Rating Feedback for Dr. Braccia (1188937)

The rating:
'I waited a long time to review this doctor, because I really wanted to give him the benefit of the doubt. I would like to believe that he is sincere. He's a nice guy, but he does not have the knowledge that he should have, especially regarding co-infections. He does not know how to test and retest for them, and does not even test for some of them. He has been randomly changing his protocol to improve it, but doesn't have the knowledge to back it up. I had to go to another dr. to get retested for co-infections, because he would not retest after IV treatment. It also seems that his main priority is bringing in new patients. After my IV treatment was finished, I felt like I got pushed out the door until my one month checkup - even though I had questions I wanted to ask the dr. before I left. Several of the patients in the office seem to be concerned by the same issues. The medical staff are great! The office staff are OK, but come across as pushy when when discussing $ and payments.'
I also felt the same way... I waited for over an hour for our appointment. ALthough he was nice, i didnt think he was very knowlegable about coinfections and it seemed like all patients go through the same treatment. Kim, attacked me. I dont know if that is his wife or what but she seemed very nice over the phone. When discussing insurance she said I would be billed 28K and pay 10k out of my pocket. Im like lady you dont even know what the diagnosis was. then she jumped down my throat again when asked if I could have second follow up apppnt over the phone. She was so unprofessional, I felt like the doctor is unattainable. I do not feel comfortable moving forward. Not sure what Im gonna do. I dont feel very confident about going there. The iv room ws very depressing. Nothing is done for the patient to make them comfortable or to make it easy for them. after reading all of these ratings Its seems I am not the olny one... I wonder if Kim is his wife. that would explain things she acted like a jealous wife...