Rating Feedback for Dr. Maher (1443765)

The rating:
'He is a want to be. God gave us 2 ears and 1 mouth so we listen twice as much as we speak. he is too quick to judgement by his interpretation of what is most of the time hard to describe. He quickly makes a "that`s the way it is" judgement and wants to pump you full of medications, Often making it worse) I have many Doctors fot my condition, in which his opinion means the least, (that burns him,fragile ego)he always wants to be in the loop, but doesn`t realize, he can`t make the changes above the other specialists. The appointments are a dog a pony show with the same routine so he can charge the gov` a fee and keep on working. My advise, get another neurologist(out of Barrie) it would be worth it to cab it!)'
Actually he listened to me, so it seems. Yes ye made a quick analysis, but he still sent me to various tests and X rays. Now my appointment is in 17 hours, 17 minutes, and 45 seconds, I am so nervous at the verdict!
But I must know.
Oh yes, and before meeting him I did leave Barrie. Went to my neurosurgeon in Toronto but he said it's not (whatever it is) treatable surgically so he sent me back to my GP to sent me to the neurologist.