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'I am very disapointed in all the bad comments for this doctor. He is very funny at times, even though he has to tell alot of bad news... If you go to him with questions (realistic & educated) he will answer them. He doesn't really act like he cares to much about you, but remember thats not his job. Not really his job is to give a diagnoices,and,try to fix it, not hold your hand!!! If he doesn't know what is wrong he will go to great lengths to get you into see a doctor that will...So if any one is reading this and has an appointment with him go in to his office with realistic questions and a possitive additiude. I find that he feeds off your energy!!! I think he is a great doctor!!!'
Thanks so much for your positive comment about Dr. Maher. Thanks to a cancellation I was able to see him in April instead of.... December. He sent me on a whole "whack" of tests. The MRI wasn't supposed to be for another month but again there was an early opening. Finally my appointment is in 17 hours, 23 minutes, aned 20 seconds. I'm so nervous but I got my countdown going. I've had trouble for a long time and I'm so eager for a diagnosis! Even if it's bad it's better than not knowing. He was friendly and polite and while you can't just "recommend" a specialist, I would. I just hope what I have is treatable instead of fatal. Still. I need to know. TOMORROROW!