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The rating:
'Dr. Witt is very nice, personable, knowledgeable, and spent more time with me explaining things than with any Dr. I have ever visited had. My only complaint, however, her billing practices are fraudulent. On one vist She over billed my insurance company claiming to have performed surgery, physical therapy, and x-rays, when I only had a short office visit. She overbilled in similar fashon with every visit. She also charged me $200 for Orthotics, that were supposed to be covered 100% (although discounted) by my insurance company. I am thinking of reporting her to the insurance commissioner. No matter how good of a Dr. she may be, it is hard to trust someone who is not honest, and lacks integrity.'
Podiatry is charged differently than most specialty areas. For example, all podiatrist I've been to charge certain procedures as 'surgery' which, similar to you, I was initially a surprised at as I know I did not have anesthesia. Are you sure you understand and talked with Dr. Witt before calling something fraudulent? I always ask Dr. Witt about my bills and experience her as extremely ethical about finances. It is quite serious to say fraudulent when it may be a case of misunderstanding or even a simple error. Also, the orthotics sounds like it may be an issue of your insurance not covering it, not Dr. Witt. Orthotics are $200 and my Anthem PPO paid. I would not agree with this review as I found Dr. Witt to be extremely ethical. mos