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'after being diagnoised with endometriosis my reg gyn he recommended I see an endo specialist. I looked online and found Dr Seckin. When I first met with him he assured me that if I had surgery by him all my pain would disapear.1 month after surgery I was in more pain the I ever was before, literally could not function or get out of bed gained 35lbs and broke up with my bf due to excruisating sex.Seckin had no answers for me basically told me my pain was impossible and all the endo was removed. Desperate I sought another opinion had to have surgery AGAIN to remove the massive adhesions that formed in my pelvis after seckin's surgery. My uterus and left ovary was glued together and stuck to my bowel almost had to have a colostomy bag! nitemare! Seckin is horrible rude $$ hungry pig who should have his medically license taken away. NOT TO MENTION HE CHARGES $25,000 for a laproscopy and leaves you with the balance of what your insurance doesnt pay.Stay away from him he only cares about $$$'
you didn't tell us what happened? I am predicting another gyn gave you a hysterectomy? Tell me what complications are you having now? I understand all that you are going through. I had the exact problem witht he ovary and worse. It has been many years. I am feeling so much better than i have. I have been told by regular gyns to have a hysterectomy many years ago because they don't know what to do. If i listened i would have NO kids and prob be in menopause 15 years to early! That has risks in itself. You can't go back once you take out all your parts. Let me tell you he is a man and is so compassionate! I was amazed. How can he know the pain i have felt for so long. Plus the goose chase many have to go through. He has brought awareness and now much more research for this disease!!! Is your doctor doing that? He is doing it from his heart. As i have experienced. He treats me like family when i am there. He understands!! basically that is it!