Rating Feedback for Dr. Seckin (1408319)

The rating:
'Ladies, please be careful when you make an appt. to see him. I went without a referral, just chose him from the internet and that was a mistake that cost me $500. It is my belief and my insurance's belief that he is performing and billing for unnecessary exams. Upon first meeting him, he seemed very distracted and kept looking at his computer as I was talking, then 2 minutes later, he took me to the exam room where he performed a transvaginal ultrasound that was very painful. I've never experienced that before and I have been to many top doctors in NYC. He told me I needed a pelvic MRI (why?) When I went back for a follow-up appt. for the MRI results, he asked me "O.K. so why are you here?". Are you kidding me? He never even looked at the results. He actually performed another painful ultrasound again without cause. He seemed to care more about the money than me. I would never trust him with my life. I say, keep looking for a reputable doctor because he sure isn't one.'
Transvaginal ultrasounds hurt only if you have bad endo!! I feel sorry for you,you missed a big oportunity to get well. He has helped me tremendously. As you see many other woman. His compassion is what sold me. Yes i did lay out $. I would sell my house for my health. You only have one life and i want to experience the least pain i can while having this syndrome! I hope another doctor hasn't hurt you or told you its in your head. As many do and send you on a wild goose chase. He is a great man and i am grateful for all he has helped me with. Sorry your experience was not what you expected. I am surprised.