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'Dr Paul Nassif did my revision rhinoplasty about a year ago its unbelivable how great it looks. I honestly felt like i had no hope aesthetic wise and i couldnt breathe. He Fixed everything and i couldnt be more thankful this doctor is my angel. As soon as he took my cast of i saw a big improvement and now i can finally breathe through my nose. Dr nassif truly has a passion for what he does. His staff was also very nice specially his nurse janet.He answered all of my questions and he was always on time. I am so happy that i chose him <3'
A botched patient was threatened by this doctor's attorney. Dr Nassif did nt want this person to speak up his mind. It is on youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fep0Jk7vL9Q

Can you please post your before and afters? I am an international patient and need to see pictures, I have asked many people on sites posting about this doctor but they never posted their pictures. I only see pictures uploaded by him or his company as promotions which it is rather misleading and marketing.

Paul Nassif ruined my nose

Paul Nassif ruined my nose and afterwards told me I need to see a shrink and go on medication. Additionally, although I signed papers forbidding him to use any pictures for public usage, I was cruising the internet and found a video he took of me on the operating table under the knife, demonstrating a procedure! He also cut my turbinates several times, without any discussion before the surgeries. I did not need any turbinate reduction and now worry about empty nose syndrome as I have difficulty with my breathing. I did not have this problem before the surgery!

Stay away from him. He is going through a great deal of emotional turmoil and you might end up the victim of his crazy problems!

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