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'I have had this doctor for many years.Unfortunately the years and overload of patients have taken their toll on her which is very sad.She is not the compassionate woman i remember.Everyone tells me that even doctors get fed up with people.She has been rude and very unhelpful in the past two years.I was shocked and caught off guard because she is not the lady that i praised for years to everyone.It has gone from having the best doctor to resorting to go to a clinic.What a shame.'
I have found in life that we get what we give. Even doctors have a bad day once in a while. That dosen't make them terrible human beings - that just makes them human.

It is not a coincidence that so many people have absolutely wonderful things to say about Dr. D'Amico. May I suggest that perhaps you are going through a phase in your own life and if you could change your perspective and try to be positive you would see people and situations as they really are.

She's a great doctor and our society is better because of Dr. D'Amico.

OMG...you have got to be

OMG...you have got to be kidding or have some grudge against Dr. D'Amico. She is the opposite of what you wrote. She is an amazing doctor. In all the years I have been a patient, every appointment has been on time. She is only getting better with time.

Sure, everyone has a bad day once in a while, but I have never seen Dr. D'Amico show anything but professionalism.

I agree with the person that replied...she is a great doctor. I feel very lucky to have her as my doctor!

As a professional who has

As a professional who has worked with Dr D'Amico for many years, this comment absolutely does not fit with the multitude of rave reviews I constantly hear from her patients. I have never met anyone who knows Dr D'Amico that does not consider her the best doctor that they have ever had. She is exceptionally knowledgable, completely dedicated to each patient, and always professional, enthusiastic and caring. Dr D'Amico never falls short of her reputation as one of the best physicians in the city.

What a shame indeed-that a

What a shame indeed-that a coward can go on a website and anonymously write something that is absolutely not true! My children and I have been seeing Dr.D'Amico for 13 years.This coward gives her a 2 for punctuality, yet, over 100's of visits, she has never once made us wait. She always was and continues to be professional,kind,compassionate and always smiles and laughs.Her knowledge is phenomenal and more than one specialist has actually told me I have the best family doctor in the city. I bet this crazy person was told something they didn't want to hear and is punishing Dr.D'Amico for that. My rating for this person is: LIAR 5/5, CRAZY 5/5, VINDICTIVE and MEAN-SPIRITED 5/5

I do not have a grudge

I do not have a grudge against the doctor.She is a very good doctor and human being.This site is here to express our opinions and that's what i have done.You don't know my story,and not only was i disappointed but i was hurt by her because i know she is a good doctor.She is however human and she has made mistakes towards me.That's not to say that i don't want her as my doctor because we all make mistakes.She is still my doctor because i believe in her as a professional.Once again she has kept me waiting on a few occasions,and that's fine because she has a huge patient load.

You are entitled to your

You are entitled to your opinion of me as well as i am of the doctor.You can criticize and judge me if it makes you feel better.
However you do not know the full story of what happened.There were mistakes made, and this site is to express any opinion negative or positive.
She is a very good doctor,and very professional.She continues to be my doctor because i still believe in her.She is a very hard worker,and extremely dedicated to her career.She is human and no one in this world is perfect.
I have been seeing her longer than you have, and yes she has been late on occasion only because she has many patients,and doesn't rush.
Your rating of me is the total opposite.You don't know my story,and the only reason i made my comment was because i was very hurt by what happened.What happened is in the past.It is what it is.She is and continues to be my doctor.
As far as being a coward and writing anonymously is that actually your real name?

She is a very good doctor,and

She is a very good doctor,and continues to be my doctor.I only made a comment because there were mistakes made,and she is human after all.I was very hurt by my situation.I have moved on by what has happened because i still believe in her.

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