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The rating:
'I went in for detox from an antidepressant and a benzo (1mg) daily. I had been to one other detox facility the prior year. The detox was no easier at this place. Phenobarbital was used for detox - I was also sent home on phenobarbital, lyrica, clonodine and zyprexa, and a bag full of supplements that were supposed to help with my supposed lymes's disease, and mold toxicity. I was also prescribed a hormone (my oncologist had a fit!). They claimed that even though I had breast cancer I needed to take it - after all, Suzanne Somers does) I stayed for an additional week for the vitamen c drips. I returned twice after that for more drips (we live 5 hours away) - I took the supplements for at least 8 months with NO change in my depression and additional drugs in my system that I had to be weaned (yet again) off of. His intentions may be good but the products he claims will help - do not help at all and the detox was no better than any other.'
I am sorry that you have cancer, which I am sure is depressing. I found a lump in my breast and thankfully it was not cancer, however I was a mess until I found out I was cancer free. With that said, you have to believe in the treatment and soldier through. With some drugs you have to step down so your body can handle the detox. I am sorry your experience was not helpful. I love Dr. Sponagle, he gave me my life back and I have zero cravings.