Rating Feedback for Dr. Sponaugle (1219580)

The rating:
'Switches you from one opiate to another. Addicted to subutex now. Doesn't help you at all. Attempts to treat you for systemic mold toxicity (not a viable diagnosis) and charges you out the ass for CandiGone. Scam artist and a quack.'
Clearly you are a baby and want to make excuses for your inablity to get sober. You have to have an opiate to step down when you are on the stronger opiates. That man saved my life. It was the easiest detox I have ever had. He cleans you out and helps restore your body safely, however you still need to do some work. I was on opiates and now I am on nothing and want nothing, not even an little bit. Also, the charges you out the ass for CandiGone comment is hyopcritical. How much did you spend on your addiction? I bet is was WAY more that CandiGone. You're a baby.