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The rating:
'I think that dr neary is an amazing doctor. He always makes time for his patients. If you walk in to his office , it's because you have a medical issue. If a socail visit,if that is what you want then your in the wrong office. Have tea with your grandma,coffee with your mother or take a friend to lunch. He's there to do his job not to make friends with 3000 plus people. AS for the post that say's he's not much to look at, seriously are you there looking for a husband or a doctor!!! In my opinion he's a fantastic doctor with more knowledge than most. I for one am thankful I have a doctor that cares as much as he does. Yes at times it's hard to get through to his office, but if you had 3000 people calling your house , no one would be able to get through either so have patience people or go to the nearest clinic or emergency room if it is that serious. That's what they are there for!'
You got is right!!!