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'I am EXTREMELY regretful for having Dr. Kassir touch my nose. It came out horribly!! I am very depressed and wish I never had my nose done :('
Hi, what is it that you dont like exactly. i had a consultation yesterday and am considering the surgery soon! please give me any useful advice ..i dont like my current nose its hugeeeee and i wouldnt be able to handle a bad nose job

yes, I would like to know

yes, I would like to know too? I saw a review on google similar to yours. did you also review on google that he destroyed your nose. the reviews sound similar. Just curious if same person or if there are two people that feel this way. Did you talk to him about your displeasure to see what he would do? I had an interview with him yesterday and absolutely loved him. his approach seemed very reasonable, and his website is full of work that speaks for itself. I would love to see a photo of you and what you are dissatisfied with. so sorry!



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