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'I am very happy with all of my visits with Dr. Toriumi and the overall outcome from my surgery. His staff is so professional and courteous. I always felt welcomed upon my arrival and Dr. Toriumi always addressed my needs and concerns. I never felt rushed with our time together. I would definitely recommend Dr. Toriumi to anyone seeking rhinoplasty. He changed my life. I sincerely thank you.'
I'm surprised that you had what you deem to be a positive result from T. My experience with him was dreadful, see: http://www.toriumipatientreviews.com/

Hi! I read about your good

Hi! I read about your good outcome with Dr. Toriumi, I'm going to have a revision with him after a bad bad rhino after a car crash. I can't mistake with the second doctor, I read that now you're happy, so could you send to me some pics? It was hard the post surgery? Any pain, any problems? And the swelling? Have you got the nose you accorded whit him during consultation?
Thank you so much for your kindly answer!

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