Rating Feedback for Dr. Anane-Sefah (798227)

The rating:
'I had an infection at the surgical site 3 days after Dr. Anane-Sefah operated on me. He told the emergency room doctor by phone that it was "impossible" for me to have an infection. I had to get IV antibiotics over 2 days in the hospital for the infection and Dr. Anane-Sefah never even came to the hospital to evaluate my post-surgical infection from his own surgery. I would NEVER let him do a surgery on anyone I knew again.'
I have heard such great things about this doctor from Breast Cancer professionals living in this area. I have noticed on several doctor review sites that the doctors I have seen who received a small portion of very negative internet reviews are the ones you really need to check out for yourself before anything else. Keep in mind that a) Doctors are not perfect, b) Do not believe everything you read on these MD rating websites (no offense RateMD) c) Most importantly, do your OWN research and interview the doctor IN PERSON thoroughly before you have your surgery done. If possible, bring a trusted friend with you during your doctor interview for feedback d) If possible, get other patient reviews *in person* and not from a website. I have had a fantastic doctor who literally saved my life get slammed on a website like this, and ever since that happened, I realized that it's crucial to do your homework thoroughly before having surgery or treatments done of any kind by an M.D.