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'I found Dr. Filler to be focused on money and not my care. His staff told me to take out a home equity loan to pay for *one* piriformis injection costing $10,000! No, that wasn't a typo. $10,000 for one injection! The MRN of my pudendal nerve wasn't done correctly, but they refused to reimburse my payment. You must pay, up front, in cash. It seems that Dr. Filler diagnoses all of his pudendal neuralgia patients with piriformis syndrome so he can get the money for those outrageous injections. Also, after my initial appointment, I was told that I could only see or talk to Dr. Filler again if I had surgery. I was only permitted to speak with his assistant. Needless to say, I never returned. I would not recommend Dr. Aaron Filler.'
This is all incorrect information.
The writer of this comment appears to be a competing physician with an ax to grind and certainly has never been to our office.
1) There is no upfront $10,000 payment - that is completely ridiculous.
2) We do Open MRI guided percutaneous surgical procedures, but don't even offer simple "pirifomis injections"
3) There are no incorrect images. If you have an advanced complex MR Neurography scan, then have the three dimensional reconstructions done - all in a fashion widely recognized as the highest quality and most accurate diagnostic methodology in the world - and then have a detailed interpretation performed, you cannot decide that you don't like the finding and want to now get if for free based on your opinion. This person possibly went through college and didn't do well in his/her career and wanted their payments for four years of college then returned.
4) At an initial appointment, Dr. Filler certainly sees every patient for a detailed specialized physical exam and an extended review and discussion of all findings, possible diagnoses, testing needed and possible treatment options. We do excellent post-op follow up. Out of town patients can do some of their follow up by phone (with Dr. Filler or the NP as appropriate) if all is going well which is usually the case. Dr. Filler is often in surgery and so our excellent nurse practitioner is available to help in post-op care.
5) It is true that our formal published peer-reviewed outcome studies show that many patients have pudendal-piriformis syndromes, but that there are several other variants. We have excellent results with 85 to 90 % of patient having complete relief of symptoms with full return to full activity within 3 months of surgery (see www.nervemed.com). This is because we carefully evaluate each patient with the best diagnostics in the world to find out exactly what is wrong in that individual and then do precise targeted minimal access treatments to correct the problem effectively, and definitively without harm to nearby uninvolved tissues.

The writer of this post wants to harm patients in need by needlessly and completely falsely asserting ridiculous incorrect information. Reading unregistered and unsubstantiated comments on a site like this is no way to choose a physician.