Rating Feedback for Dr. Devinsky (823302)

The rating:
'I do not doubt that Dr. Devinsky is excellent in his field. I have uncontrolled seizures that I have been told are not epileptic in nature. This is terribly unsettling as I am left to deal with this without a clear cut cause of treatment. Though I do not wish for epilepsy, there is not a lot of help readily available if you are deemed not epileptic. He comes across as intelleigent by all means and caring, but I felt rushed and was left with a disparing feeling of now what do I do? If he is the best, which I do believe he is in his Epiltologist field, I wish there was someone out there as good as him to help those whose lives are turned upside down by non-epileptic seizures and the true cause. Staff was polite and caring.'
Dr. Steven Pacia is an EXCELLENT Neurologist who happens to work @ The NYU Epilepsy Center as well as Dr. Devinsky. He's a gift from GOD. Good luck.