Rating Feedback for Dr. Fishman (1142978)

The rating:
'This doctor happened to be at Brandon Hospital when my mother needed to have a shunt placed in. He told us that if we didn't put a shunt right away she could die. We didn't have time to read about or get another opinion. On top of all this, he made us sign a gag contract to we can't sue him. I just discovered he belongs to the Hall of Shame for doctors who who make their patients sign gag contracts. He has absolutely no manners, no compassion and no tolerance for anyone's ignorance. He did not speak to us before or after the surgery. They way he treated our mother brought tears to our eyes. We are in the process of looking for another doctor. He is the worst!!!!'
You should sue him anyways! Dr.'s have insurance and legally cannot tell you to NOT to sue them! He must know he is a rotten dr! Anon.