Rating Feedback for Dr. Nasseri (1368656)

The rating:
'I have been a patient of Dr. Nasseri's since I moved to Coquitlam two years ago. I have found her to be professional, caring and extremely knowlageable. Her staff is equally nice and helpfull. I have also seen her associate and have been happy with her care. A few people on this site have compained about long wait periods, to be fair the office has been transitionning to Electronic Medical Record and they have a sign up apologizing for potential delays. So if people are so impatient and unhappy then maybe they need to go somewhere else...then they will appreciate this office more! I would definately recommend the Nasseri Medical Centre to my family and friends even if I had to wait "45 min" or longer (which I never have had to wait that long before being seen).'
I find it hard to believe you when you claim that you have never had to wait 45 minutes for your appointment. I have never waited any less than that and I went there plenty of times.

Do you work at the office?

I think you work there and monitor this site.