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'Do not go to this Dermatologist! I was warned that Dr. Masessa was extremely rude to his staff and unfriendly to his clients, unfortunately I did not heed their warnings. Well, not only were they right about his personality, he and his staff also blatantly ripped me off. They made me come back two separate times to have two minor procedures done, thus charging me for each visit. When questioned why all couldn't be done in one shot I was told it was due to my Insurance. I confirmed with my Insurance Company the facts, and realized Dr. Massesa was outright lying. When I brought it up to his staff they then tried a different excuse. Finally after several phone calls they agreed to credit my account, and told me it would take three months. Well surprise, surprise 3 months later I called back, and they gave me yet another excuse and refused to credit me. All and all this guy is real shady and gives Italians a bad name. Lastly, the results of my procedures were also unsatisfactory.'
Don't know who wrote this piece of work but sounds like a disgruntled ex-employee. The Dr. Masessa I know is awesome! I called for an appointment with Dr. Masessa after reading his positive reviews, and I'm glad I did. He was booked for the upcoming few months for full body skin checks, but they were able to fit me in the next week for a shorter appointment to check out a few new moles I had noticed. He and a nurse were both in the exam room. Dr. Masessa explained what he was doing as he was looking at my moles and gave me some pointers on what to look for on myself for the future. He discovered two atypical moles, and so removed them in that very appointment and sent them off for a biopsy. Dr Masessa addressed all of my concerns and made me feel very at ease at the whole thing. When the results came back the nurse described to me on the phone, "If we had left them alone, they would have continued to change and become skin cancer." I already made a follow-up appointment for Dr. Masessa to do a full body check, because he obviously has an expert eye. I never really thought skin cancer being a viable option. I mean, I'm 25, I eat right, I don't smoke, and I've only been in a tanning bed a few times in my life. But this mole scare was enough to make me understand that everyone should get their skin checked on a regular basis, and Dr. Masessa is the right man for the job.- Peter Carroll (and I signed MY name)

Thanks for sharing your

Thanks for sharing your experience and what happened with the insurance as well as billing.

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