Rating Feedback for Dr. Lattuga (594079)

The rating:
'I had a three level anterior/posterior interbody fusion. the doctor removed L3-L4,L4-L5,L5-S1.At L5-S1 I had showed pain on the discigram,L4-L5 the disc was in perfect condition,L3-L4 showed to be mild and the MRI had shown it to be be dehydrated, with a small buldge. At the con****ation the doctor said that L4- S1 is bad and because the spine would be very rigid, we're going to include L3-L4 even though it doesnt appear to be problematic. In my oppion the doctor was aggressive at his aproach to the surgery.'
I agree. Had surgery in 2008 also and regret that I didn't do my due diligence to find the right doctor to do my surgery and not some blood sucking money machine like Dr.Lattuga. With so many unhappy patients, why can't something be done about this medical bad apple that will mess you up. It seems that he is ripping off Workers Comp with more expensive major surgeries that is not always needed. KEEP AWAY FROM THIS DOCTOR.