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'Dr. Rouse delivered my son whos 5 now. She also performed a tubal ligation by clamp procedure the day after I delivered in which at the time I was 25. I was told there was very little chance of me becoming pregnant. I was stressed that this would be the better route without any explanation of the risk. Married with three children permanent b/c was all I wanted! Instead 9/2009 to my suprise I thought I was just having bad cramps on my left side as I complained about before shortly after my tubal procedure. I was reassured this was normal. But on the evening of 9/25/2009 I found myself in the ER as told by the Dr. bleeding profusely already from the inside... that was scary. They removed my entire left tube. Well... needless to say, 10 months later 7/26/2009 I found myself having the same symptoms as well as typical pregnancy symptoms. This leads me to now... as I type, I am currently 7 months pregnant. My advice...do your homework, and dont sign anything until you do!!'
I came here to read patient reviews of Dr. Rouse, as she will be performing a hysterectomy on me soon. She came highly recommended, and I fully trust those recommendations. Thank goodness I read the actual text of this review rather than seeing that 2.0 rating and changing my mind. This isn't a case of doctor incompetence, it's one of patient ignorance.

Just so we're clear on the facts as you've presented them... you had a tubal ligation in 2006. Three years later, in 2009, you presented with what sounds a lot like an ectopic pregnancy, resulting in the removal of the affected tube. This is a well documented risk when you have a tubal ligation, and most people would have taken this as a hint that your tubal ligation might have failed. But no, based on your review you did nothing about it, and now you're angry that you're pregnant again two years later? Come on, lady.

A quick Google search would tell you that the chance of becoming pregnant in the first year following a tubal ligation is around 1%, but the failure rate increases with the length of time from the procedure, being as high as 5% after a decade. Congratulations, you're amongst the lucky 5% that experienced a failure. I became pregnant with my son while on birth control and using condoms - that didn't mean I jumped on the internet to compose poorly written negative reviews of the pharmaceutical or condom companies. Like most rational, educated and sane individuals, I realized that accidents happen and absolutely nothing is foolproof. Sadly, you chose to accept no personal responsibility, but instead attempted to smear this doctor and possibly negatively impact her ability to do business. I think you may have confused the purpose of the "Average Knowledge" rating - it's for rating the doctor's knowledge, not your own, which is clearly lacking. I could understand if there were any actual misinformation or malpractice that occurred, but you mention nothing to support either.

I do completely agree with one statement you made though, which is that you should have done your homework. Patients should always research any procedures thoroughly before agreeing to have them done. Your healthcare is your own responsibility, and making an ill-informed decision is nobody's fault but your own. You don't just take a doctor's word that a procedure is a good idea; you get a second, or even third opinion before you let someone cut you open and poke around at your internal organs. I've spent the last year consulting several doctors in preparation for my hysterectomy, and Dr. Rouse came recommended by two separate physicians whom I trust. I can't wait to come back here following my surgery and give her the highest ratings possible, which I am fully confident that she will earn, to offset your poor review.

One last thing... I note you were on Medicaid (aka welfare) when you delivered your child and had the tubal ligation. Combine that with the outright stupidity of your review, and it's no wonder they encouraged you to stop breeding. As a gainfully employed, tax paying member of society, my hard earned dollars thank them for doing so. It truly is a shame that the surgery was not successful, but at least you can think of me and be thankful my tax dollars will be helping pay to deliver your kid in a few weeks.

Frankly, you breeding is more

Frankly, you breeding is more of a concern. Your attitude and nastiness should not be allowed to be passed down to any children. It would be child abuse.

Good luck with your hysterectomy. After your recovery, hopefully a doctor will be able to help you remove your foot from your mouth.

A kid is a goat. A child is a human.

I hope you come back and post after your surgery...and tell the whole truth. I can't wait to see what insurance you utilize.

You are correct in that I

You are correct in that I could have chosen to word my response in a manner that was less inflammatory. I'm not going to address your personal insults, as they are not germane to the actual topic at hand, which is that the original review addresses absolutely nothing about Dr. Rouse or her abilities. Was her surgical technique poor? Did she botch the surgery? Did she leave a clamp or a sponge in the patient? Was her bedside manner poor? These are the things that are actually relevant to potential patients reading this site in order to choose a healthcare provider, yet none of that was even mentioned.

The author states that there was no explanation of the risks of the procedure. Then why didn't she ask about them? Each and every patient is responsible for ensuring they make an informated decision, and if the author didn't ask about the risks then that is her own fault. I am roughly the same age as the author, and I firmly believe that all patients, especially women, need to take responsibility for their health care. The author opted for a surgery that was entirely elective. Elective, not medically necessary, not an emergent situation. She had plenty of time to ask questions and do her own research about risks, complications and failure rates. I understand that tubal ligation was probably presented as an attractive option; she was already in the hospital anyway, it could be done immediately and some ob/gyns will suggest sterilization to Medicaid patients who are young and have multiple children. None of that is an acceptable excuse as to why the author did not inquire about risks or complications prior to the procedure.

It's unfortunate that the author suffered pain as well as the removal of a tube, but keep in mind that this was 3 years after the initial sterilization procedure. She didn't experience the discomfort and bleeding during or immediately after the procedure. If that were the case, it still wouldn't definitively mean that Dr. Rouse did a poor job, but I'd sure be more inclined to understand a less than positive review in that instance. Additionally, if she was bleeding internally which led to the removal of her fallopian tube, then the tube had to have ruptured. The most common causes of tubal rupture are infection or ectopic pregnancy. An infected tube that ruptures would cause a dangerous infection of the abdominal cavity, which there was no mention of. The logical conclusion as to the cause of the bleeding is ectopic pregnancy.

How did this not signal to the author that the procedure had failed? It's not a deductive leap to assume that if one of the clamps did not function as expected, the other may not as well. Given that the author is pregnant again 10 months after the removal of the left tube, I think it's safe to say that she decided to play the odds and assume the other clamp was still good. Again though, none of this is germane to the actual performance of the doctor, which is the intention of a review.

The author also states she was told "there was very little chance" of her becoming pregnant. Given a 1-5% failure rate, I would agree that is a small chance. However, very little does not mean zero. If 600,000 tubal ligations are performed a year, that's 30,000 women who could potentially experience failure. It is entirely reasonable to be frustrated if you're one of those unlucky women, but that doesn't make it the doctor's fault. The review is tantamount to complaining about your mechanic when you get a flat 3 years after he put a new tire on your car.

She does make one excellent point - do your homework. The bottom line here is that she chose to undergo an elective surgery without asking about the risks or having a thorough understanding of potential future complications. Had she asked more questions and been better informed, she may have made a different decision and had a different outcome. That being said... although I am unable to have children, a fact which must bring you great joy, I still feel that a child is a blessing and I hope that things work out for the author.

Additionally, I will definitely return to post an honest review of Dr. Rouse following my surgery, regardless of the outcome. You won't need to wait for my review to find out my insurance information, though I question its relevance to this discussion. I am insured through UnitedHealthcare's Choice Plus plan, which covers 90% after I meet my $250 deductible and has a yearly out of pocket max of $1500.

Excuse My Text Grammar For

Excuse My Text Grammar For This Droid Is Auto Correcting The Wrong Text. So It's 2013 And Am The One Who Originally Posted Is Back To Address the Ignorance At Stake. Lets Be Clear, despite What Insurance One Human May Have Is Irrelevant To The Care And Practice Given From A Physician. It Was A Decision Myself And Husband Made Not One That Was Forced Upon. Now, In No Way Was I Bashing Dr. Rouse, I Being A Young Married mother Was Trying To Inform Those In The Same Situation. 2 Yrs Later I Post A Different View And Here Is Why. Still Married For Now Almost 14 Yrs. I Am Pregnant By Way Of Miracle Again!! After My Tubal Litigation In 2005, After My Ectopic Pregnancy/Removal Of Left Tube In 2009. After My Post And Birth Of Our Baby Girl In 2011. After Another Ectopic Pregnancy 12/2012 Where My Right Tube Was Removed! In March 2013 I Found Out I Was Pregnant And Am Currently 4 Mo.!! Your Tax Dollars Played No Part In ThIs At All. Please Dont Credit Yourself On

Gods Work. My Husband andHold Well Paid Careers. We
Are 2Nd Time HomeOwners Living
In A 7Bdrm House In MD. with 4 Soon To Be 5 Healthy Children. All With A Thanks To God. Not You And You Low Paying Tax Dollars!!!!

We Both Hold Well Paid

We Both Hold Well Paid Careers Here In MD. And Without You Measly Tax Dollars Have Such Blessings Still Placed Upon Us. I Feel Sorry For Miserable Predjudice People Like Yourself. You Are Truly Part Of The Group I Pray for. My Posting Was To Address Those Who May Not Be Aware Or Uneducated, It Was To Help Others Whether On Medicai Or Not. Sounds Like You Need To Look Into Being Educated Yourself. Take Car, God Bless You!!!!!

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