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'ok, so I really have alot to say.you are told from the very beginning nothing is certain so if you dont want to take a risk thats your problem. Me on the otherhand any percent chance is worth more than 0% right? NOw, I was skeptical when I went there it looked very run down and I was completely pissed they put you in a room behind a curtain with HELLA people doing the consults on the other side. I waited over an hr to even be seen for surgery, I was also told that my lft side would be rated a B because the dye was having problems but the rt side had the dye go rt through. It all depends on your body he explained,because if your tubes scar too much there will be no room for sperm to enter. Also tpo wait 3 full mentsrul cycles and dont smoke!!!! it will make the scar tissue thicker and create less of a success. I DO recommend staying in town at a hotel for atleast 3 days because you WILL BE IN A LOT OF PAIN! Its honestly worse than a crowning baby but its worth it!'
hi, have you gotten pregnant? I just had the surgery. Please email me.