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'i had my tubes untied on april 8,2010. i have 6 boys already!and im happily and blessed.im remarried husband! we have none togeather. and i want 2 girls and he want a girl and boy. the staff and my dr chung was great. i tell you with the support from the staff, my husband, and family my pastor, friends and ect thank you. becuase i went through some hard times recovering and family problem, and my dr called me at home and his staff check up on me. on the weekend also. all these woman should not cast stones at the dr or staff. god say dont juged. no im not pregant yet and i have faith in god my higher power. its been five mos and yes i had 3 periods alredy. so me and my husband is leaving it in goods hands. belive ad have faith in god'
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