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'2 weeks ago I had a breast reduction done by Dr Toy. He is a newer doctor within the city of Edmonton but his work is behond outstanding. Not only did he ensured that I knew excactly what I was getting into but he always asked if there were any questions I had. Dr Toy has a very pleasant personality and always has a smile on his face. The outcome was nothing short of a masterpiece.. my breasts looks so natural, the incision is barely even visable and overall did a superb job. Since this surgery was covered by Alberta Health for me, I only expected the bare reduction to be done in regards to service but I found that he went above and behond to ensure they looked good afterwards. I wanted to Thank him afterwards for making my life so much better but he is such a busy man that I only seen him briefly for my follow up appointment. I would recomment this doctor a thousand times and would say he will become the best plastic surgeon of this city in no time'
I am so happy to be reading your review. I am scheduled for a reduction with Dr Toy in the beginning of March and I am a bit nerovus about it. Do you have any regrets about having yours done? I have waited for this since I was 17 and I am really happy to be getting it done, but now I am getting a little scared. Thank you so much for writing this review. It has made me feel better to know that Dr Toy has had a positive affect on you.