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'I think Dr. Forsberg is very knowledge and like most young, inexperienced doctors correctly relies on specialists and testing. However, I get the feeling she is not very interested in patients beyond child bearing years.. I am looking for another physician but that's probably impossible.'
Thank you for your comments. My family practice includes the full spectrum of care from newborns to the very elderly; end-of-life care is actually my personal area of interest. Myself and my colleagues in Sooke all take a special interest in the management of complex and chronic diseases. Part of this management includes regular bloodwork and/or referral to specialists when necessary. I enjoy the diversity in my practice and contrary to your assumption, I appreciate the range of ages and medical conditions that I see on a daily basis. I am sorry that you are unhappy with the care you have received and I always encourage people to have an open discussion with me if they have concerns; it's the foundation to an effective physician-patient relationship. If you have questions about why testing or referral has occurred, I am always more than willing to discuss specific issues in an appropriate setting at an office appointment. I am also able to direct you to physicians who are accepting patients. Sincerely, Dr. Forsberg