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'Terrible treatment, he only truly takes care of certain people...... football players, people who will "praise him" publicaly, the "set up reviews", the people who have the best story etc..... When you are nobody and from a small town, you will be used, neglected, deceived and manipulated. It is a true sin that he uses the Lord as a platform, because the man is nothing Christian. Thank God, that he will be exposed one day, to the ONE being that has the power to judge him accordingly. Amen!'
Truer words have never been spoken. I experienced the exact same conclusions. This doctor is the Devil Himself in disguise.

WOW! Both of your comments

WOW! Both of your comments are ridiculous. I am not a Christian, however after I met Dr. Sponagle, I felt like I had met the first true Christian. He is nonjudgemental, takes care of people that the rest of the world writes off and he saves lives. Just so you know, I am not a football player, I am from a small town, my story is nothing special, and I declined to do a testimony but my treatment was everything I expected and more. I also believe that God is the only one allowed to judge people, isn't that what you Christians like to say?
He saved my life and treated me like a human being that needed to be helped. I think that both of your comments are just mean.

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