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'This man is an extraordinary doctor and has changed my life for the better. In February 09, I had a chevron osteotomy on the first metatarsal bone in my right foot and a bunionectomy. I was very nervous about this operation as many women I know have had their bunions removed with an extremely painful and unsatisfactory recovery period. I had hardly any pain, zero complications and my foot looks and feels terrific. I would refer any of my friends to Dr Myerson and have recently done so to much praise. I think it's easy for others to be extra critical of a doctor as most people are never satisfied and just like to complain - so please take my advice and trust this excellent surgeon as being overly qualified and extremely well versed in his field and his diagnosis. There is a reason he is world reknowned and athletes continually seek him out. He IS the best.'
I have been told that I need a modified McBride (on both feet), and I keep reading about the Chevron having a shorter recovery time. I know that each case is different, but I haven't been able to discern was the specifics are. I've read that Dr. Myerson is the "go to" guy. Did you find that you were able to get on your feet in a shorter amount of time? I know that he is so well-known for his expertise...Do you think it's difficult to travel after having the procedure done in a different city? Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thanks