Music Videos at the Gym

I would highly recommend NOT

I would highly recommend NOT listening to slow music while working out, unless you're in cool down mode. Smiling

I know. The music really

I know. The music really does affect my speed. Smiling

My heart rate was over 160 but less than 165 for a good amount of time - so I think that's good for my age.

Are you getting to the gym? Puzzled

Not really a gym song,still

Not really a gym song,still nice though Big smile


I really enjoyed that, Twain. Derek is amazing.

Nice video Twain. Too bad

Nice video Twain. Too bad some of Dr. Arora's patients can't see it. Stare

I am truly one of the "lucky" ones, who has been left with the vision in one eye. Eye-wink

Maybe if victims of Dr. Arora, and his team of supporters, which includes not only the CPSO and CMPA, but all doctors who adhere to a commonly understood "gag" order, (knowing of injustice and remaining silent), will be "healed" if we focus on the music instead.

Sorry. Double post. Hit too

Sorry. Double post. Hit too hard.

For sharing Twain! Very nice

For sharing Twain! Very nice indeed!

Lloyd loved to golf. He

Lloyd loved to golf. He still enjoyed getting out, even with one eye. But it wasn't ever the same for him.

The lawyers had a little laugh over it after Lloyd had been sent out of the room during the examinations for discovery.

Lloyd had said that he wasn't golfing, but my guess is that his credibility was shot because the CMPA took a picture of him golfing after his injury. He did admit to me that he went and swung at balls, but never really played as he had before.

Now, the funny thing is - Lloyd didn't even need the surgery that he had; it was a terrible error; he was operated on by mistake.

And then there was a complication which could happen to any surgeon during cataract surgery.

And then perhaps a vitreous hemorrhage, which was ignored, but that was all covered up quite well. From the clinic notes, it is very obvious that a very serious problem was ignored, but the secret medical expert for the CPSO was allowed to be as biased as he wanted to be, and even the appeal board had to ignore his opinion because it was so clearly biased.

There should be a law against biased medical experts for the College. If doctors really cared, they would want that.

But, back to Lloyd...

Lloyd was old, and don't forget - it was just one eye - that would be a double "so what?".

You know, I work with amputees; some double amputees. None of them are great golfers that I know of, but they learn to wear a prosthesis and they seem to manage very well and live very independent lives.

I wonder if a doctor takes a leg or two by mistake - is it still a matter of "so what?"

What if the patient didn't even need the surgery? What if the doctor made a mistake, and refused to accept accountability?

Do you think this guy would be golfing happily ever after?

All doctors have to do is lie to their College and write up some creative charting, and everything is fine. The CMPA ensures it.

I don't golf, and I don't play the piano, but I still enjoy making people laugh.

And the CPSO and the CMPA are quite the joke.

I know - I am too; but I've never really had a problem admitting that, and friends and family know me and love me anyway. Smiling

wishandaprayer wrote: I know

wishandaprayer wrote:

I know - I am too; but I've never really had a problem admitting that, and friends and family know me and love me anyway. Smiling

Hi Wisher,I wish I could help in some way,all I can do is pray for you and those that were harmed by this doctor,what an unjustice it is to those and you that nothing can be done about it. Just know we love you too Wisher. Huge hugs! P.S. We live in an UNJUST world! Truly SAD indeed! Sad

Thanks Msdoodle. Please

Thanks Msdoodle. Please remember to pray for the ones who still have their vision. That Dr. Arora deems them worthy of his attention, and will assess them properly and look at the test results, and give them the duty of care that is owed to them.

And pray also for the souls of the investigator and medical experts who have defended his care; failing to question his many misstatements because THEY should be held accoutable for NOT doing their job in a professional manner.

And pray to God that justice is done according to God's will, and for my heart to remain open to helping to heal this emotional trauma for myself and others.

The truth is that the College should have taken my complaint seriously.

The College could have protected the public.

But they chose not to take my complaint seriously, and they chose not to protect the public, but - like doctors - they will not admit their mistakes.

Pray that the College stops accepting medical expert opinons which are incompetent and unprofessional. And like Dr. Smith, expert opinions can cause unnecessary harm, and those medical experts who deliberately do this, need to be held accountable.

Pray that doctors will see the light, and insist on ethical investigations, with competetent, unbiased, professional experts.

And if not, pray that the public loses trust in them, because as it is now, it is an unhealthy system.

Quality Professionals, Healthy System, Public all starts with HIGH quality professionals who care enough to do competent investigations, who care to give unbiased medical expert reports.

When the quality of those professionals is such that the defendent doctors can deliberately lie to the College, and it goes unquestioned, then you have an unhealthy system, and the public needs to know that they cannot be trusted.

I surely WILL,sweet Wisher.

I surely WILL,sweet Wisher. Smiling

Sweet Wisher,I hope you are

Sweet Wisher,I hope you are well!

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