Rating Feedback for Dr. Isaacson (441721)

The rating:
'Dr. Isaacson did very poor quality service on putting my implant teeth in. They have a large gap between each tooth that has to be flossed every time i eat. Also my husband has been going to him for 2 years and changed dentists. My husband was informed that he had 5 cavities that Dr Isaacson never told him he had. Dr Isaacson just told him he needed crowns on some teeth. Those teeth could be fixed with a simple filling which my husband was never told he had. My husband was shocked at the bad shape his teeth were in due to Dr. Isaacson not telling him what was going on with his teeth. I feel like Dr. Isaacson is a ding a ling and his pocketbook is more important than what is best for his patients.'
Further investigation revealed this review to be incorrect. Dr. Isaacson was not the dentist who placed theses dental implants for this patient. They were surgically place by an Oral Surgeon in Oklahoma City. Also, the husband was not a patient of Dr. Isaacson.