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'Saved my life. Plus I just loved him. He acted as if he cared about all of his patients. His resident was also extremely polite, knowledgeable, and attentive. He did refer me to a plastic surgeon that I would not send my worst enemy to. I truly regret not asking Dr. Brunicardi for someone else. This PS disfigured me for life.'
I have an appointment with Dr. Brunicardi, Soon. Can you," Please " , tell me the name of the Plastic Surgeon you are unhappy with? It is okay to give an opinion about a particular Doctor. It is just an opinion, so you want get into any trouble.I certainly do NOT want to go through what you went through. I hope you got everything straightened out. I am really Worried about going to Dr. Brunicardi without knowing the PS's name. I would appreciate your help, VERY Much. Thank you in advance.