Rating Feedback for Dr. Gittess (1224905)

The rating:
'Dr. Gittess lied to me in my intial consultation, put braces on me, took my money, THEN told me he wants to pull some of my front teeth. I got suspicious, googled his name and found lots of other very negative reviews about him. I then went and got a 2nd and 3rd opinion and both said I absolutely do not need the tooth pulled and to do so would be a big mistake. The only person it would benefit was Dr. Gittess' wallet. Based on this experience, I decided it was not in my best interest to continue with Dr. Gittess. I changed doctors and Dr. Gittess continued billing me for services not yet rendered. I refused to pay for services not rendered, so he put me into collections and ruined my credit. I would NEVER recommend this guy and based on the reviews I've seen online, I'm not alone!'
We do not know the source of this blog. Dr. Gittess straightens teeth with braces. How ridiculous to say he wanted front teeth removed. We think the focus of this complaint is money, if it is a real complaint at all.
Dr. Gittess has been at this location, our only location, for over 25 years and has touched thousands of lives. His success would not be so evident if he treated people poorly.
Dr. Gittess is certified as a Diplomate of the American Board of Orthodontics, a special distinction among orthodontists. There are only 2000 certified orthodontists in the world. Dr. Gittess enjoys the respect of his peers and has, in fact, treated many dentist's families.
Dr. Gittess is the only doctor in our practice and sees every patient every visit. This is our only practice location and we have been here over 25 years. Our facility is paperless, a 'state of the art', completely electronic practice. We have computer enhanced radiography, integrated digital imaging, charting and scheduling. We even have electronic telephone and email appointment confirmation services.
We offer a complimentary initial exam and at the completion of that visit you will have an understanding of any orthodontic problem, it's solution and the costs associated with treatment. We have no interest payment plans available as well as family discounts. Credit and debit cards are accepted.
For your convenience, a shuttle service can be provided from and back to local area schools. So, thereâ??s less time missed from classes, fewer missed appointments and no need to interrupt your own busy schedule.
We hope whoever wrote this contacts our office so we resume a positive relationship.