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'I think Dr Dufour is VERY KNOWLEDGEABLE! I had him for all 3 of children.I suggest you go to this site and you will see that there are NO RESTRICTIONS on Dr Dufour http://www.cpso.on.ca/docsearch/details.aspx?view=1&id=%2071004 Dr Dufour is a wonderful man and people like you guys who don't get what they want from a Dr decide to take it out on the Dr!'
He did have restriction, but were lifted. He is also being investigated for an incident almost 3 years ago, I know this as i have all papers associated with it. And yes i did not get what i wanted, as my son died at the hands of this man.

If you look at the link again

If you look at the link again you will see that he is once again restricted as of May 2012. VERY unprofessional and should not ever be allowed to work again.

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