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'I got a breast augmentation/lift not satisfied with his work. My scars are really bad he cut more than he was suppose too. I met a girl that got her breast augmentation by him as well OMG i feel so bad her boobs are sky rocket high and boldgie her nipples are at the bottom of her breast. NO JOKE. and she is a tiny girl. Her 2 friends also received a breast augmentation by taneja and said they were so unhappy. They had to go else where to fix there breast. I dont think he knows how to fix pockets. and Someone close to me also received a breast augmentation and her nipples are at the bottom of her breasts. So many unhappy. I just want to let people know and be aware. I dont need to lie. if i was happy i wouldnt be writing this. i just want for people to be aware do your research.'
ok so I just had my consult with Dr.T and I really like him...My question is if one girl wasn't happy why would she allow her other 2 friends to take a risk??? and did ur friend take care of herself after her surgery???Please do tell...thanks

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