Rating Feedback for Dr. Lemper (1195573)

The rating:
'I do believe Dr. Lemper, is a fine doctor and his PA as well are concerned about your management care. But it ends there. Front scheduling a apppointment regardless if it a surgery procedure or a office visit, the people who handle this is the worst I seen, especially pre-surgery scheduling. She displays a attitude that even a young child would recognize. It is for that reason that I WOULD definitely NOT recommend using him only because of his administrative staff.. He needs to take a close look how displeased the patients are with them. They act as if they doing you a favor. My suggestion regardless how good the doctor is, that is only one part of treatment. It is not worth what you have to go thru with his staff to warrant him as your pain doctor. There are others in town, whom I have found, who's concern is obvious, and professionalism, supberb. Go someone else!!!!!!'
We have recently hired an all new management team as well as Director of Nursing and Operations. Who constantly monitor the performance of the staff making sure that patients experience nothing but excellent services. Our number one priority is and has always been patient care and satisfaction. We welcome all visitors to come see these changes first hand.