Rating Feedback for Dr. Lemper (768861)

The rating:
'Office staff rude, won't return calls, LIES to my doctor! Seems not to know medication. Doctor is only with me 1 X out of the 2 x times. Had someone else handle me for my appoint, not the doctor. LIES to me. Looking for someone the cares and can help me. My doctor had to call them. What a mess! Wants you to sign a contract and swear to things like, you will come at least 1 x a month. You will ONLY get meds from them (I understand that but when they won't give you medications that works then what?) Many other things in just 2 visits. Look for someone else!'
Since this comment has been made. Dr. Lemper has moved to a brand new "Class A" facility. He has also hired an all new management team as well as front end staff. Our number one priority is and has always been patient care and satisfaction. We welcome all visitors to come see these changes first hand. According to Nevada State Law CHAPTER 453 - CONTROLLED SUBSTANCES Policy. A Patient can only obtain Narcotic medication from one Physician. The reason for our policy regarding return visits on a monthly basis is so we can monitor the patients progress without second guessing. We adjust the levels and dosages to fit each patients needs.