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'I was referred to Dr. Gurr when our Drs. in Windsor were too busy for me (a year wait here). When he learned of my condition, he took me within 2 weeks for my MRI and 2 weeks later, my C5 to C7 fusions. I did find him EXTREMELY busy, but that's cuz he's such a great surgeon. I remember a year later falling down a flight of stairs and terrified re: my neck, and he said "you could drive a Mack truck thru that brace, it isn't going anywhere" LOL I rate Dr. Gurr a 5 plus!!'
Hi, I'm need the same surgery you had. Please tell me how you are now. My situation is that I have arthritis in disc c5 & 6. There is also bone spurs. The discs are compressing the spinal cord & causing loss of some motor skills on my r side. I have very little pain now & hope I don't have pain after surgery. p.s. I'm also in Windsor & Dr. Dang is willing to do surgery right away but I wud prefer to wait for Dr. Gurr if I can. Why did u fall down stairs, do you have balance issues now?