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'Met Dr Hudson to discuss issues with stage 4 endometriosis. He told me that I had to lose tons and tons of weight and go on this extreme diet. (no red meat, no dairy, no wheat) He also told me that I was probably infertile, so he'd either put me on progesterone (causing me to gain MORE weight) or give me a complete hysterectomy. Well dr idiot, I got a second opinion and got fixed up. Now I'm pregnant with twins, without fertility treatment. Sticking out tongue Worst bedside manner ever.'
I have known Dr.Hudson for many years and have to honestly say that I find that comment calling him an idiot revolting. I have witnessed him interacting with his patients on a professional and personal level and have never witnessed that kind of behavior. I completely understand that we are all entitled to our opinion and do get caught up in the heat of the moment but to call another human being an idiot afer being told his PROFESSIONAL medical advice totally disrespectful and tactless. He is one of the most caring, genuine, honest people I know. He works endless hours and offers his services at many times free. He is constantly advocating for his patients and I would send any of my loved ones to see this doctor. Shame on you for using this type of description of a amazing doctor!!!

as you said, it is my

as you said, it is my opinion. He made me feel horrible, and in my opinion any doctor that makes their patient feel horrible is an idiot. A doctor doesn't only have to be good at giving diagnosis and prescribing pills, he should have some bedside manner and not treat his patients like numbers on a chart. Your opinion is also your own, and I won't degrade or demean you for it. However shame on you for treating me and my opinion as if I don't matter and my thoughts are worthless.

Thank you to the lady

Thank you to the lady pregnant with twins for posting your candid opinion, and good for you for sticking to your guns! I agree that just because one patient found him to be a good doctor doesn't mean that all others had the same experience. I had a terrible, stressful experience with Dr. Hudson - my partner and I found him condescending, dismissive and rude - and reading all the glowing reviews from his satisfied patients, I am beginning to believe that wealthy clients who can afford IVF are treated with much more respect. After almost a year of testing and coming up with nothing to explain why I wasn't getting pregnant, he gave me a spiel about how women become less fertile as they get older, and since we weren't interested in IVF, he didn't see how he could help us. No mention of alternative treatments whatsover, which is why I was surprised to read he studied acupuncture.... I was depressed beyond words after my last visit with him, but thank God a good friend recommended her naturopath to me.... a few months later, thanks to her caring, holistic care (which included acupuncture, counseling, fertility-enhancing diet, vitamins and herbs), I was able to get pregnant NATURALLY. I am now the mother of a beautiful, 5-month old baby girl. So there, Dr.H!

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