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'My family has been dealing with Dr.Neary since he opened up his office. I find him to be a very good doctor,he doesn't rush you and he spends the time to explain everything in detail. Shirley, on the other hand, wowwwww, no words to describe her. She should rethink her career decision and clearly see that this job is not for her. She is very rude,unpleasant,cranky,and doesn't seem to care about anyone. I just cannot understand how does she keep her job, you need to look at her once and know that she is a very miserable person.She is the only reason why I avoid as much as possible going to see Dr.Neary. He needs to open his eyes and replace her with someone that is PEOPLE FRIENDLY!!!!What is this world coming to, here we have a great doctor,with a receptionist that doesn't allow people to recognize his good practice. We have enough of our own issues in life, and when you go to see a doctor the last thing you should worry about is how Shirley is going to treat you that day :('
My words EXACTLY. I absolutely dread calling to make an appointment because I dont want to talk to Shirly. I can never get in anyways so walk in clinics are where I go. I wonder if anyone has ever told Neary about his horrible receptionist

I have the utmost respect for

I have the utmost respect for Shirley, to me she is always friendly. I am quite sure it is not Shirley that is having the problem with being PEOPLE FRIENDLY!!.

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