Rating Feedback for Dr. Hui (862567)

The rating:
'This doctor is self-absorbed and thinks only of his fame and fortune. He attended a lecture where I was present and literally took over and eclipsed the speaker just to get clients. He co-wrote a book which I find is somewhat ok and well organized and laid out, but the contents appear the same regurgitaiton of whatever other info is out there and no more inspirational than that. He is non-comminucative when he is stumped about any anomalous medical problems. He is also very judgemental. I was pregnant later in the year that I was seeing him, and later found out that the ultrasound discovered problems with the pregnancy and that I might miscarry. When disclosing choices, he said that abortion should not be the way out and let nature take it's course. He then clammed up and walked out the door, without me even absorbing any of this shocking news! I wasn't even thinking about abortion! His so-called blending of allopathic and alternative medicine is a good cover for his claim to fame.'
This post angers me. Considering you didn't back up your impressions of Dr. Hui's motivations - and I don't see how you can, I can only assume that you are dealing with your own personal demons when you wrote this rating. Good luck with your cynicism and negative outlook. I'm sure they have profoundly harmful effects on your own health. I for one highly recommend Dr. Hui, and whatever accolades he as achieved are well deserved.