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'Terrible experience with this doctor. My breasts sag,one is larger than the other, he left too much fat on the sides of my breasts and did not take off enough skin. Now I require another surgery to correct this. Dr. McCain did the minimum that OHIP required for this surgery. It's time to retire Dr. McCain! You took valuable time away from my family and I was told that you unnecessarily over cut my breasts. This man is arrogant and full of himself.'
I posted my comments today Nov. 10th and would appreciate if you could tell me your story

as I may be suing McCain and it would my help my case if I show evidence of his negligence or incompetence with other patients

A horrible, life-changing

A horrible, life-changing ordeal.

I was a patient of Greg McCain nearly 7 years ago when I was in my 20s. It was my first time undergoing plastic surgery. I was very naive and looked to my family doctor to refer me to someone who could do liposuction (never do that).

I had very large thighs and hips in proportion to my upper body. At the time, I didn't realize that some plastic surgeons are more skilled than others. I met with McCain for a couple of appointments in which I recall feeling very rushed and belittled. I always left my appointments with a bad feeling but I wasn't experienced enough to know that you should listen to your inner voice.

I had the surgery and it changed my life completely. I use the word "ordeal" above because one mistake by Dr. McCain cost me almost $20,000 is corrective plastic surgeries (by another surgeon) over the next 7 years, not to mention the emotional and mental stress and anxiety that resulted from this horrifying experience.

Plastic surgery mistakes are not easily fixable sometimes. Not only are they not always easily fixable, but you also have to wait 6 months to one year between surgeries for your tissues to heal, so if you need a few revisions, you are looking at YEARS spent on trying to fix problems and feeling embarassed in clothes.

This experience devoured my youth, my finances and precious years I could have spent enjoying life in my 20s and early 30s.

I still get upset when I think about it, so I try not to.

I regret the day I walked into his office.

My body is still not fixed. Another surgeon tried fat grafting and revision liposuction but for some reason it didn't really work - my hips are still significantly lopsided and it shows in my clothes. Dr McCain also masculinized the shape of my bottom by removing too much fat. I am embarassed about the shape of my bottom now.

I have confronted McCain about these issues in his office and he was callous and denied everything I pointed out. It got ugly. Don't expect this man to acknowledge his errors. Better yet, don't let him perform plastic surgery on you. He is far too aggressive in his technique and has a poor sense of symmetry and curvature. He is not an aesthetic/cosmetic plastic surgeon - more like an emergency room hospital plastic surgeon. He won't make you look prettier - just different.

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