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'I'm so HAPPY!!!! Dr. Toriumi and his staff were great!! Pat, Janice and the front desk staff were so helpful and made you feel like a friend. Dr. Toriumi did a secondary rhinoplasty for me and I went from looking horrible to wonderful! Yes he runs late sometimes, but I was grateful when he left others waiting and took 7 1/2 hrs to do my estimated 6 hr. surgery. Needless to say, I don't mind if I have to wait because I know it means Dr. Toriumi is taking special care of someone just like he did for me. Honestly, if he was horrible like some other posts say, he wouldn't have people waiting for him or coming from other countries and he'd be out of business. Seems to me like one disgruntled patient is posting over and over. Dr. Toriumi was great and he's continued to provide me with top notch follow-up care...something I didn't receive with my previous surgery. I'm 3 months post-op and am very satisfied with my results. I would highly recommend Dr. Toriumi and his staff!!! :)'
You are the one who is probably a member of his staff. Patients have posted pictures of what Dr. Toriumi has done to them. For anyone who reads this, please google Dr. Toriumi and you will see proof of how he disfigures patients. There are MANY pictures of Dr. Toriumi's patients on various sites to illustrate this. Please AVOID Dr. Toriumi!

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Have you seen: http://www.toriumipatientreviews.com/ Check it out and read/see for yourself this account of a nightmarish experience with Toriumi.

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