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The rating:
'I went to Dr Rinker with myriad, chronic issues and she diagnosed me with Lyme disease. For that I am grateful, as it appears to explain my entire illness picture. I began treatment with her and while I liked her and she seems knowledgable, initial treatment included multiple meds all at once and I ended up in ER. Hard to get past that.'
Yes, I can understand how it would be hard to get past that. I try to make it clear to my patients that there is a chance that their reaction to the treatment initially can be very bad, and to stop the meds and call me if that happens, but sometimes with the best of intentions, that message doesn't always get through. We can't predict in advance who will have really bad "herxheimer" reactions and who won't until treatment is begun. When I do know a person has had a severe reaction to the meds as recommended by the ILADS treatment guidelines, I take alternate and more gentle treatment approaches. If you don't want to come back and work with me, I hope you will work with someone on this. Feel free to contact me if you want a referral or want to discuss this. Thank you Dr. Tedde Rinker