Rating Feedback for Dr. Tajran (1276326)

The rating:
'I met with Dr Tarjan once for my pregnancy. The first time I went to her office I met with a nurse practitioner that I loved. I did not get the same experience with Dr Tarjan, not only did I wait in the exam room for almost two hours for her to come in and see me. She was rude, blunt, and I could not understand her. She stated after barely looking over my charts and test results that she could not see me at her clinic. (probably because she has too many patients and is understaffed, and did not want to deal with my health issues)She made me feel horrible about my high risk pregnancy and I left her office in hysterics. I would not recommend this doctor to anyone. A doctor is suppose to be caring. Bottom line, the staff is unknowledgeable, the wait is forever, and the doctor is too busy to care about her patients.'
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